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Marion Solis

    Marion Solis is the Instigator of the “Being Yourself Rocks” movement where you can finally stop being everything to everyone else and start being yourself – because “Being Yourself Rocks”!

    As an inspiring, heart-centered Mastermind Leader, Healer and Coach, she helps amazing people like you greet each day with “I love my life!” – and really mean it. Advanced Tapping (EFT), chakra-based transformational processes, and the five Life Purpose Profiles are just a few of the tools in her toolbox. Marion loves to learn and teach. Her favorite tool to train your brain and supercharge your mantras in just 3 minutes a day is Positive Prime. It is a simple, super powerful tool for both kids and adults. Try it for free at To check out her other freebies, courses, and resources, come visit She is excited to meet you!

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