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Murielle Fellous

    Born and raised in France, Murielle Fellous raised her three kids as a single mom in the United States for 24 years.  She now resides in Tel Aviv, Israel with her youngest child.

    Because of the challenges she personally underwent as a single parent, when her older children became teenagers and started acting out, she founded the “Co-Parenting with the Universe™” coaching and parenting approach and its corresponding podcast.

    As an intuitive life-coach she is helping single moms with difficult teenagers prevent the downward spiraling into fear, overwhelm, guilt, powerlessness and/or depression. She’s also teaching them to consciously co-parent with the Universe. Which means they are supported and always assisted and are never alone to face life’s challenges.

    A big portion of Murielle’s work is based around emotional mastery and energy alignment using Clinical EFT/Tapping and a mind body and spirit approach. Connect with her at  “Co-Parenting with the Universe™”

Have a beautiful day, Love, Murielle Fellous!

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