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Renee Realta

    Renee is married and has two boys. She is a loving soccer mom and wife who’s been navigating her way through life with creativity, self-discovery, and growth ever since she was young. She is tremendously passionate about inspiring people to believe in themselves. “It will all work out,” has been a powerful mantra in her life ever since she became a single mother at the age of 22. Having now overcome obstacles that could bring anyone to their breaking point, Renee has developed a mindset and strategies for succeeding no matter the circumstance. She has learned to pivot quickly and look for solutions and opportunities in every situation.

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Tamara Jackson Clark

    Tamara Jackson Clark (The Girl of the Wild Forest Light) is a Forest Reiki™ Intuitive Artist who lives a life of adventure in Alaska’s wilderness. She loves connecting people to nature, exploring the healing properties of trees, and is working toward publishing a children’s book with her nature kaleidoscope images and the Forest tales that they inspire.       


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"The Girl of the Wild Forest Light" 

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