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“Your job as a parent is…to put yourself out of a job! You don’t want your children to be dependent on you.”  
Pink Sugar

Our Clients Say


“We are honored these fifteen authors have come together to recognize the Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts and dedicate their proceeds to help us grow in our sphere of impact. Calm Parents, Confident Kids is perfectly aligned with Peace Academy’s beliefs about children.

It uses our knowledge about brain science to guide us through powerful strategies that are conducive to parents’ well-being and the healthy social-emotional development of their children. When we teach children to respect their brain signals from a young age, we are essentially supporting their formation of a positive self-perception which then translates to grit, perseverance, and intellectual flexibility as they grow into their teenage years. This makes them adept in interrupting negative thoughts perpetuated by their external experiences then, translating these thoughts into positive and meaningful shifts that are transformative to their development. 
With easy-to-read examples and fun relatable stories, these authors ultimately show us how to teach children the skills to responsibly control what they have control of while navigating the ups and downs of life. 

Thank you for creating your work in honor of the Peace Academy!”

Noha Kolkailah, Founder & CEO, The Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts (PASA)

Calm Parents Confident Kids had me hooked right from the start! Originally, I sat down to read just a Chapter, and before I knew it, I was more than halfway done with the book. As a mother of four myself, it is refreshing to hear other moms being transparent about what they have been through. Even better when each chapter then shows us easily how using the brain training techniques really help change parenting habits, leading to happier and healthier children. Personally, I am stoked to really dig in and learn more about these techniques. I am also very much going to keep this book handy to refer back to often! Highly recommend this fun, informative and easy to read book for everyone!”
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