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Hmong mother

Sheng Vue Yang

     Sheng Vue is a Mother of four and a steward of new life. As a visionary and empath, Sheng is committed to creating a world free of pain and suffering through her strong connections to Spirit, her Hmong heritage, and to the revival of sustainable holistic practices worldwide, accessible to all.

     Sheng is the founder of Niam Gaia. A star-hub of creations led by spiritual warriors and lightworkers bringing peace and ushering in right relations with our planet and each other.  Each Niam Gaia contributor empowers Women, Children, and their Families as Stewards of Mother Earth. 

     In her spare time, Sheng enjoys her family, her husband and four children. Playing board games, reading, outdoors adventures, and learning from their environment. Sheng loves all genres of music, art, and books. She is a well-rounded, jack-of-all trades, Mother of many, and joyful contributor to society.

     She can be reached at Insta: or through her website: 

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