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Meet the Authors

Click on the photo or name to connect with authors and contributors. We thank you from our hearts for purchasing our book! 

Angela Humburg.png

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Charity Nicole.png

A master Personality Marketer, Artist, and Coach

Constance Greer.png

Experienced leader in the Professional Trainer and Coach industry

Dana Wilde.png

An Expert Brain Trainer for a Positive Mindset

Deborah Helser.png

Teacher's Aide with Special Needs and Pampered Chef Distributor

Deborah C. Owen.png

Award-winning podcaster, best-selling author, personal and business coach, copywriter, and marketer

Kristin A Carbone.png

Heart Centered Soulprenuer


A versatile, engaging actor, author, and teacher

Louisa Joy Dykstra.png

Mom, nana, rescue dog mom, business owner, and author

Marion Solis.png

An inspiring, heart-centered Mastermind Leader, Healer and Coach

Michelle Lowbeer.png

A parent and children’s book author from Sydney, Australia, and creator of "Hairy Thought-Buster and The Fluffies"

Murielle Fellous.png

An intuitive life-coach

Patricia Dawn Clark.png

A mother of four and passionate about the growth and development of our children

Renee Realta.png

She is a loving soccer mom and wife who’s been navigating her way through life

Tamara Jackson Clark.png

The Girl of the Wild Forest Light is a Forest Reiki™ Intuitive Artist

Pink Sugar

Our Contributors.

"Learning requires a quiet mind inside a relaxed nervous system."
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